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Temporary/Contractual Hires:


Considering temporary workers to support your project needs? Let us help:

  • An exceptional talent pipeline connecting us to a large pool of global candidates.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable recruiters that consistently deliver top candidates.
  • Qualified and flexible contractors and temporary staffers.
  • Thorough pre-screening of all candidates by our recruitment consultants.
  • Educational and security clearance background checks upon request.
  • Easy and convenient drug and alcohol testing of candidates upon request.
  • Short turnaround time and the ability to work with your time-sensitive schedules.
  • Payroll services and hassle-free billing methods.

Permanent Placements:


Looking to add valuable members to your staff? Noramtec can also help you fill your permanent staffing needs. Take advantage of our:

  • Strong knowledge of your business and access to the best talent in your industry.
  • Dedicated recruitment consultants who understand what your exact needs are and how to best meet them.
  • Experience in filling rare, difficult or highly specialized roles.
  • Committed support team that will assist you with your hiring process.
  • Readily available candidates that have been pre-screened and interviewed by our recruiters.
  • Competitive replacement guarantee so that you can be confident that you have made the right hiring choice.

Payroll Services:


Our dedicated team of experienced payroll specialists can support all your payroll needs for your contingent workforce. At Noramtec, we promise you an exceptional customer experience that is tailored to your needs, whether you choose to payroll just one employee or hundreds.

Our services include:

  • 360° on-boarding activities
  • Payroll services: benefits administration, tax withholdings, government documents, workers compensation and a variety of health insurance options
  • Weekly, bi-monthly and monthly payroll and billing cycles
  • Direct deposits and electronically sent password-protected paystubs
  • Employment records, background checks, references, drug and alcohol testing
  • Quick and easy reimbursement of hours worked and expenses incurred
  • Eco-friendly and efficient electronic billing (e-billing) and payment transfer options
  • Noramtec as the employer of record relieves you from potential co-employment issues
With Noramtec, hiring and paying workers has never been easier!

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